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“Learn How to Ride the Wave of Technology or You Will Find Yourself Beneath It.” – Ronnie Tsunami

Aloha and Welcome to the WAVE Academy!

The Waveriders Accelerated Virtual Education (WAVE) Academy trains entrepreneurs of all skill levels and experience on how to leverage the latest business technologies, from social media to the latest mobile devices and apps, in order to stay ahead of the competition and grow their businesses bigger and faster…tsunami-style! Unlike training programs that simply teach/coach you, we also provide you ongoing support and implementation services to get things accomplished as quickly as possible.  Are you ready to learn how to ride the wave of technology?  Then grab your board!  What’s Up?  SURF’S UP!


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The Latest Technology Reviews and Resources

How to Create a Fake Email Address for Testing

Have you ever wanted to test an online product or service, but they required an email address that needed to be verified, and you did not want to give them your primary email address? Well here's a cool service where you can create a fake email address and actually check the inbox for the confirmation/verification emails that you are supposed to open. Just go to http://www.disp [...]

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Automation is Nothing Without Strategy

I know that everyone is telling you that it's critical you have a marketing automation system or customer relationship management (CRM) system. As you may know, I LOVE technology, but it is not going to help you without a plan. A couple weeks ago, I co-hosted a webinar with Evan Samurin, of Infusionsoft, called "Automation is Nothing Without Strategy. We talked about how to use [...]

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An Affordable Business Technology Support Program for Entrepreneurs

If you are an entrepreneur who hates tech issues, but has business questions that the Geek Squad isn't equipped to answer, there is now a support program for you.  Tsunami Sentinel is your very own Business Technology Adviser and Tech Support Team answering ANY business technology questions, protecting your data, and resolving technical issues as quickly as possible – all f [...]

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Technology is Not a Wave - It's Your Surfboard

This past week, I attended a seminar in San Diego, CA, with fellow entrepreneurs, and I was energized and inspired by their stories about their mission and how they wanted to help others. As we talked more, many of them mentioned their problems keeping up with technology, which they knew could help them greatly, but they simply felt overwhelmed and resigned themselves to doing [...]

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The Tsunami Mastermind is Accepting Applications!

Do you have a global movement you want to start and would like to join other “tsunami starters” who support each other and bring ideas to the table that you would have never thought of?  If so, the Tsunami Mastermind may be for you.  To learn more, click HERE.



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