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Latest Reviews From the Tiki Techie

Review of "Click & Go"

Ronnie Tsunami, the Tiki Techie, reviews the Click & Go, which allows you to easily and quickly take selfies and videos from up to 150 feet away. [...]

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Creating a Signature System for Your Coaching or Training Business

Ronnie Tsunami, the Tiki Techie, explains how to create a signature system, which can be used to develop any coaching or training program/business. [...]

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Affiliate Marketing Versus Product Creation

I started out as a product creator developing my first product, Rapid Pro Marketing, using the Kajabi platform.  It was definitely a learning experience, and I had a great product at the end.  However, the bigger challenge was not the creating of the product... it was the marketing and selling of it.   If I had knew of the power of affiliate marketing at the time, I probably [...]

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FREE Gifts for Coaches Before Dec 14

Happy Holidays! Click below for some really cool FREE gifts from top coaching business experts, including a gift from me. The gifts are only available until December 14th, so visit http://bit.ly/coachesgrabbag   [...]

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The WAVE Academy Sponsors the FreedomFest Cash Vault Competition

What happens when you combine "American Idol" and "Shark Tank"? You get a competition for entrepreneurs like no other!  The WAVE Academy is a proud Platinum Sponsor of the new FreedomFest Cash Vault competition that gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to pitch their new product or business idea to thousands of potential investors, including a panel of billionaires that includes Steve Forbes, Peter Thiel, John Mackey, Donald Smith and Rick Rule, and an opportunity to win a $50,0000 cash prize.  

Ronnie Tsunami, Founder and Executive Director of the WAVE Academy, is serving as a Technology and Digital Marketing Strategist for the FreedomFest Cash Vault.  The WAVE Academy will help contestants with free training to help them in developing their product and marketing pitch.  

To find out more, click HERE.

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